Communique: ABC ‘Tell The Truth About Palestine’ – Building covered in paint


Issued by Concerned Community Members to the ABC.

22nd December 2023


You have blood on your hands. Your support of “Israel’s” propaganda campaign is unethical, cowardly, and violent. At least 99 journalists have been massacred by the “Israeli” Occupation Forces since October 7th, including one of your own journalists, Roshdi Sarraj. We condemn your suppression of the truth and the firing of employees upholding journalistic integrity. This is not a conflict or a war. This is a genocide against the Palestinian people that has been born out of 75+ years of inhumane occupation, violence, massacres and forceful displacement. We will never forget your propaganda, lies and silence as over 20,000 innocent Palestinians, including 9,000 children, are brutally murdered.

This makes you complicit in genocide and we condemn your shameful ‘coverage’ of Gaza as over 23,000 tonnes of explosives are deployed in Gaza targeting hospitals, churches, mosques, ambulances, aid trucks, schools, refugee camps, and civilian homes. We encourage other concerned citizens to stand strong in their resistance, and continue exposing media outlets such as 9 News, The Age, 7 News, Sky News and the ABC for their biased coverage. The dehumanization of Palestinians and the villainization of the Palestinian resistance is transparent in its attempts to justify genocide. This racism and Islamophobia must end.

We will not forget those martyred for exposing the truth, remember their names; Roshdi Sarraj, Mohammad Al-Salhi, Mohammad Jarghoun, Ibrahim Mohammad Lafi, Asaad Shamlakh, Hishan Alnwajha, Mohammed Sobh, Saeed, Al-Taweel, Mohamed Fayez Abu Matar, Ahmed Shehab, Husam Mubarak, Salam Mema, Youssef Maher Youssef Dawas, Abdulhadi Habib, Issam Bhar, Mohammad Balousha, Sameeh Al-Nady, Khalil Inrahim, Ali Abu Adra, Mohammed Abu Ali, Hani Madhourn, Mohammed Imad Labad, Salma Hamada Misbah Mkhaimer, Ahmed Abu Mhadi, Saed Samir Mahmoud Al-Halabi, Jamal Al-Faqaawi, Zaher Al-Afgani, Duaa Sharaf, Yasser Abu Namous, Nazmi Al-Nadim, Majed Arandas, Muhammas Abu Hatab, Mohamad Al-Bayyari, Haitham Harara, Mohamed Abu Hassira, Yahya Abu Manih, Ahmed Al-Qara, Yaacoub Al-Barsh, Ahmed Fatima, Mossab Ashour, Amro Salah Abu Hayah, Mostafa El Sawaf, Hassouneh Salim, Sari Mansour, Abdelhalim Awad, Belal Jadallah, Alaa Taher Al-Hassanat, Ayat Kadoura, Jamal Hanieh, Mohamed Mouin Ayyash, Mostafa Bakeer, Amal Zahed, Nader Al-Nazli, Adham Hassouna, Montaser Al-Sawaf, Marwan Al-Sawaf, Abdullah Darwish, Shaima El-Gazzar, Hassan Farajallah, Saeed Al-Shorbaji, Ala Atallah, Mohamed Abu Samra, Abdel Kareem Oudeh, Samer Abudaqa … and counting