About CRYM

CRYM (pronounced like crime) stands for Climate Resistance Youth Movement.

CRYM is a network of resistance against colonial exploitation. It is not solely focused on the climate crisis, and we welcome people of all ages.

We aim to work towards the following goals.

Grow and spread radical politics

  • Educate others on how this system is fucked
  • Give them the skills and means to fight back
  • Show people why radical politics (rather than reform) is necessary
  • Develop and learn within our movement


  • Create a strong, connected, vibey community, in which we are actually friends
  • Make it fun to do CRYM
  • Create a safer space
  • Maintain a culture of radical compassion and trust

Defy the state

The law exists to enforce the interests of the state and its institutions, not to protect the people.

  • Create a culture of direct action (as a first resort for political change)
  • Raise social license for actions that defy the state
  • Disrupt the social compulsion to obey the law (just because it’s the law)

We recognise that while Australia’s system of laws is not legitimate, the Australian state will still punish people who break its laws, especially marginalised people and those who threaten its power.

Disrupt and dismantle oppressive systems

The state and institutions of Australia are inherently oppressive. They exercise power over people through racism, white supremacy, poverty, classism, sexism, and other forms of oppression.

  • Halt the operations of specific institutions that carry out oppression
  • Engage in strategic, sustained, targeted, and efficient action to maximise disruption

Take back power

  • Prevent a return to the status quo after our actions have taken place
  • Make politicians and big business afraid to do things that hurt the majority of people


  • Support communities with aligned values in their struggles, in an ongoing and genuine way
  • Form part of a broader resistance network with our allies

CRYM Bulldozer Analogy

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CRYM acknowledges the true owners of these lands, the Woiwurrung, Boonwurrung and all First Nations Peoples on whose land we live and act on.