Readings, Films & Pods

Here’s some radical, thought provoking political short texts, films and podcasts we think you’ll get a lot out of. Maybe even discuss some of the contents with friends and find other texts to start a discussion group! Suggest other texts you’d like to see here by contacting CRYM 🙂


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From Democracy to Freedom

The illegitimacy of violence

Why we don’t have demands



Action Resources

Gather your friends, form an affinity group, create mayhem, defy the state, resist the law and disrupt oppressive systems!

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CRYM encourages you to think strategically about what will be effective for your objectives, and to avoid being constricted by the limits of mainstream conventionally acceptable action.

Getting Organised & Taking Action

Consensus decision making

Affinity groups

Digital Security

Direct Action Guide – CrimthInc

DIY Guide #1 – CrimethInc

DIY Guide #2 – CrimethInc

Painting with Fire Extinguishers

Blockading “with bunnies”

Whilst there are many tactics that can be deployed to cause disruption without any arrests there are still plenty of tactics u may choose to use where someone does anticipate getting arrested, this person is often called a “bunny”. For example someone who locks themselves onto a logging machine and plans to stay there as long as possible could be referred to as a “bunny”.

  • Lock-ons
  • Tripods
  • Monopoles
  • Tree sits

Legal Resources

Melbourne Activist Legal Support

Readings, Films & Pods – click HERE

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